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    Our standard turn-around time is 4 - 7 business days.
    I agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. I am giving permission for Ryan C. Mann Enterprises (dba Computer Run) to diagnose, troubleshoot, and/or repair my computer and/or equipment. I understand that there is a minimum labor charge of $39 should I choose not to have any repairs performed. Further, I understand that it is my responsibility to have a backup of any important data on my computer or storage media. In the event Computer Run deems it necessary to reformat my hard drive, I understand that they will make a reasonable effort to backup the data contained therein. In the event data cannot be backed up or recovered, I agree to hold Computer Run harmless for any and all data loss that may occur. I agree to pick up my computer and all equipment within 90 days of the date my equipment was received and understand that after 90 days have passed Computer Run will sell and/or dispose of any equipment which I have not picked up in order to cover labors costs and storage fees.